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Heartless is an exceptional tribute band dedicated to one of the best bands of all time: Heart. Made up of seven experienced and talented musicians, Heartless‘ mission is to pay a vibrant tribute to this iconic musical icon of the time.

Band Players

Meet our band players. these are the most passionate, dedicated and talented musicians

Alain Holloway

Guitar / Vocal

Karine Vachon


Karine has devoted many years to her passion for singing and music.

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Élaine Lemire

Guitare / Voix

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Normand Cyr

Guitare / Voix

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Sébastien Jasmin


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François Corbeil


François est un batteur talentueux qui s’est investi dans la musique rock et Top 40 depuis le début des années 80.

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    Music can change lives. Whether you are having a good or a bad day, the power of music can change your mood.

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